Pop goes the Balloon

With the popularity of smartphones, there has been an increase in the popularity of frameworks to develop for the smartphones. The era when Flash games would rule with their dazzling graphics, sound and simpleness (some flash games were horrid) is now replaced by smartphone platforms. The bubble for Flash games has burst giving way to..
When a simple idea is combined with some lovely simple graphics and put together in a well polished manner, you have but a winner on your hands. In our last day of Mobile/Game development theme which is sponsored by CoronaSDK, the framework that allows everyone to create an app for the smartphones (iOS or Android), we came across one such interesting game called Float from CrawlSpace.

The graphics are the first thing that stand out at you, the colours and the size are just right, and at first sight, the backdrop and the graphics seemed like off the game, "Cut the rope". The game starts off with the game name written with balloons, that float down and burst onto the spikes into multi-colour particles. Engaging even before you start playing. The instructions follow suit, explaining what you need to do so that for those that skip reading the instructions (How hard can a game be, that you need to read the instructions?).

CrawlSpace shot into fame with their previous game made on Coronasdk, Zombies A La Carte which was an interesting game and quite well done too, but to some it did not appeal as much in terms of gameplay, it is funny on how people wither like a game with a lot of gameplay or some very simple interactions.

There are a few modes to play the game in, the Normal Mode that requires you to keep the balloons in the air away from the spikes and keep tapping them, there are points for tapping the balloons. If you tap the same coloured balloons, you get a colour combo. There are various types of balloons and colours. The other mode is timed mode that kind of raises the psychological pressure by introducing a tick-tock sound. It does not matter in this mode of how many balloons you have lost to the spikes. It is all about the timer. The last mode that you can play is the Zen mode, no spikes, just keep pushing the balloons for a zen experience.

There are some other modes that you can unlock by purchasing them and some others that are in the pipeline and coming soon, like the Helium Pack, where the balloons might float upwards into probably ceiling spikes, Hmmmmm raises the difficulty level.

With functionality to post and save your scores to OpenFeint or Facebook is a sure shot way to let your friends know how good you are at the game and challenge them to a game to beat your score. (Maybe next they might also add the functionality for tweeting the score to friends like some other games do)

All in all, this is a game that will remain in the list of favourites for a long time to come, it is quite simple and entertaining for the family, hope that Crawl Space bifurcate this into Float Family, where on the iPad they can have a split screen that allows two players to compete against each other (till CoronaSDK has the functionality for network play built-in)

So, if you are looking for a nice game to spend time playing and not have an eye sore, this is the game that anyone can play (just hope that the balloons were a bit more responsive - It is the iPhone 4 that has some issues, the game plays wonderful on an iPad)



Software : Float
Publisher : CrawlSpace
Website : http://www.crawlspacegames.com/
Twitter : @crawlspacegames
Platform : iPhone/iPod
Price : $0.99
Mac App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/float/id409855273?mt=8

We were given a 5 Promo Codes for Float to give away from the generous folks at Crawlspace

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