Not a Deck of Cards

Staying with the theme of our Game Development and Mobile Development and CoronaSDK which makes development quite easy, we would like to talk about a new tool that help create scenes or graphics or UI.

Sprite Deck is an amazing tool that helps developers that require to construct a scene or a graphics for Corona, so rather than try to manually set up co-ordinates for a scene, You can drag drop a series of images onto Sprite Deck and visually align them on the screen, create a scene and export it, not only does Sprite Deck create the scene with co-ordinates, it even creates a complete .lua file/project for you to run. So for those designers that have no idea about coding, they could visually develop an app without writing a single line of code.

Some great features of this tool are it is written in AIR SDK, so it is cross platform and runs on both Windows and MAC OSX.

However, it is still a developing product, so there are things that require a few improvements. When we tested the product, we found the following that might require some help

1. There is no snap functionality, so if you were trying to coarsely position a graphic, snap functionality would help to align the graphics much better than miss a few pixels

2. There is code bloat in the generated code, which generates twice the number of .lua files and if you want to use a particular scene in your project, and are a new comer to the Corona scene, then this is a bit daunting or complicated, it would be better if the user could just create the scene and save it as a lua file and then include that file in your already existing project than generate a whole project.

We are sure that the developers will look into these and as newer versions are deployed, these will be addressed.

Sprite Deck is available for $49.00 if you do not want to spend on this till you test it out, you can download and use it as a trial.

Our opinion, if you are a developer that is starting to develop on Corona SDK, you will require tools that help you increase your productivity. This is one tool that will help you create your UI visually and fast.

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