Making use of the Hardware - More Air coming your way

In the previous article, I did talk about how hardware generally progresses to the next version without being used optimally. In an attempt, there shall be reviews on software that help you to make full use of your hardware right now.

One such software that I personally found very interesting is Mobile Mouse Pro from RPA Tech. Inc, It is free for today (21st Feb 2011).

There are two components, an iOS app which you need to purchase (FREE today - 21/02/2011) and the desktop version available for free on the Mac App Store from ( )

Upon running the server portion, you can set the server, port, etc.

Then on the iOS (iPhone/iPod) you are presented with trackpad and a series of keyboard combinations (the dock, the Music Player, the Keyboard, numeric keyboard, the function keys) the iPhone trackpad is a bit odd at first and requires a bit of getting used to.

In our opinion, this software is slightly better then the other offerings by other developers in offering a virtual mouse. It works nearly flawless however the trackpad resolution is a bit flunky, the cursor kind of jumps at times and moving a cursor on a 2560 pixel wide screen is not exactly fun or easy.

However in brief, this is a good software that makes use of your iOS device in connecting to your Mac and functioning as a wireless mouse, since it is connected over wireless, you are not bound with the restrictions of Bluetooth and Infrared.

So head over and download your copy today from the iTunes Store, alternatively if you miss the Pro version, you can download the Free version which allows for controlling the Music player only.


There are no giveaways for software that is free, as you can always get a copy of the same so it does not make sense in giving away free copies. However after the promotion on 21st Feb, if there are enough users requesting for this, we shall get in touch with the developer and see if they have free copies to offer to the readers, i.e. you all.