I am alergic to seafood, but I love Gumbo.

CoronaSDK is an emerging platform, a lot of developers are working using the platform and have come up with some amazing software and then there are the others that have looked at the gap and the lack of tools in the development space.

We have covered a few of these apps in the past few reviews, there is one that particularly caught our attention, it is available FREE of cost and is dependent on silverlight. Firefox 4 Beta versions do not work well with Silverlight. So when the developer introduced this tool, it was not really usable as it did not work, it could have worked with Safari.

Now the tool has matured quite well from the first time it was released, it even has the functionality to install it as a Desktop application, which is a very exciting feature. It is completely transparent that the app is created in Silverlight and the fact that it is running in Safari.

Gumbo is a simple straightforward app that allows the user to visually design the screen UI. It provides an inspector type window that allows for setting the properties of the element and then creates the corresponding lua code.

The inspector allows to edit the commonly used properties like Name, Width, Height, Position on the screen, the Image Source and properties if the object was to be treated as a physics body with friction, density and bounce.

The developer of this software is quite dedicated at enhancing the features of this application. It has so far seemed to be a simple, cleaner and easy to use app. It has all the necessary features required for an UI Editor. and the grid functionality is very helpful at aligning and laying out aligned objects.

Maybe the next feature would be to align multiple selected objects.

Gumbo is free and can be gotten from http://www.nerderer.com/Gumbo and since it is written in SilverLight, it will work on both Windows and Mac OSX.


  1. Yea i currently am using Gumbo and it has saved me hours of work, its a must have... oh yea i forgot to mention its FREEE

  2. Great review! But the link is incorrect. You can find Gumbo here:


  3. The URL should be http://www.nerderer.com/Gumbo/


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