Where did I put that email....

That might not be what you hear everyday, but it is still a very common occurrence, when someone has to start locating an email. Here's how I felt before I got my hands on this lovely product that we are reviewing today.
For those that have multiple accounts (More than 1, I personally manage about 10, don't ask, I know...it's crazy), have you ever tried to search for an email? Specially one that came from a contact that you share emails with on a continual basis? So you know who it's from, you know which account (and perhaps the mailbox) but when the system lists out 1000+ emails, it isn't fun. You could search for a keyword, but then you cannot limit it to the person that you are corresponding with. Now how good would it be if you could add tags/keywords to each email? ... yes, Meta, our product for today which comes from www.sweetpproductions.com does exactly that. It is an app aimed at Apple Mail users, which lets you tag the emails and locate them easily.

The app is one of the simplest to install and use, Once installed, you need to restart Mail, then you can right click on the email and select Edit Meta Tags. In the window that pops-up, you can create as many tags as you want.

TIP: Try to add a character that would not be used generally, because a tag of code and the word code is the same to spotlight. So instead of returning all emails tagged with the tag code, it will return all emails containing the word code and the tagged ones too.

Meta is available from the developers website for $14.95. The Author is a fellow Aussie developer.

Software : Meta
Version : 1.2.3
Publisher : SweetPProductions
Website : www.sweetpproduction.com
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x preferred, but works with 10.5)
Demo : 14 days trial
Price : $14.99

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