Typos and mistakes

It is very very common in today's modern and fast world to make mistakes. In fact we are so dependent on our spell checkers and Auto-correct that if it weren't for them, we would have had more mistakes than ever. However we can still find mistakes partly due to the computers guessing what the user might be trying to say in the context and sometimes because of Auto-Correct. I guess many of you have read some very interesting words that have been altered by Auto-correct with disastrous results. It is funny for the reader, but embarrassing or humiliating for the person involved.
I was reading on how Robert, a 14 yo used Corona SDK and released a free game called Bubble Ball and has had over 300,000 downloads (I guess that's right) thereby becoming the #1 free game in most of the app stores. Then I saw a tech crunch article on Angry Birds at http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/14/tosh-0-takes-on-angry-birds-as-do-i/
After teaching at the university for a while now, my eyes are trained to spot mistakes, unfortunately they are also trained to overlook mine :( hence I have to rely on the spell-checkers and auto-corrects and your comments if you spot them before I do.

In the last line, the writer says "part of the birds and the bigs, at worst, suffer limited casualties." now if you see, the word should heave been pigs, not bigs. What makes it more funny is that the Author is John Biggs. Is this a typo, an auto-correct incident or a deliberate action? You can tell us in the comments.

Here is a screen capture of the page of what I saw at the link above when I wrote the article.