Developers and the Mac App Store

This is a quick rant. I have not got myself to develop any software for the Mac App, for that matter I have not as yet thought of shelling out the $120 AUD to be a developer for Mac Apps. I had a few things on my mind and I thought that I share them with you to get your opinion.

1. There are no Promo Codes as yet, this makes it difficult for a lot of developers to promote their software. The only other way is to have a Non Mac App store version that runs on a serial number.

2. The true purpose of the Mac App store is the exposure. There is no single place where one can search for Mac Apps, (yes I know there are a few like MacUpdate, Bodega, etc) The way I look at it, the App store does two things for a developer, i. Provide exposure, ii. Provide worldwide rankings, these let a developer talk about "in the Top 10". Plus these provide sales that were earlier not accessible.
3. The Rankings are a bit strange, when the store opened on the 6th of Jan, it was already quite late here in Australia. But on day 1, Angry Birds were already on top of the charts. Today Chopper 2 is on the top and Angry Birds is at #2. Twitter was #1 on the Top Free apps, now it is #3 overtaken by SketchBook Express at #2 and Solitaire Greatest Hits at #1

My thoughts were if a developer or their app were to be known by the Mac community, then isn't it more convenient for the developer to continue selling off the website? For the following reasons.
  1. The Developer gets 100% of the money (unless of course there are PayPal or bank charges)
  2. The Developer has full freedom and can quickly release a patch to some bugs
  3. There are no issues on  update distribution, as most of the Mac Apps that I have on my machine check for updates on start-up.

But then on thinking from the other point of view, Selling off the Mac App store is a good idea because
  1. The developer can sell the apps without the need of a website or store
  2. The developer does not have to bother about accepting payments from different countries and paying bank fees, etc Services like PayPal, Google Merchant, etc have made that easier.
  3. Mac App Store checks for all updates together so even if you do not launch an app for a period of time, it's updates are displayed in the updates section.
In order to safeguard their income streams, developers created the serial numbers for their apps that would activate the software. Now with the Mac App store there are no Serial Numbers so the developer has to validate purchase reciepts, but if they do sell a version on the website alternatively (which does not get updated via the Mac App Store) they have to have code that handles serial number and unlocking.

Honestly, when the Mac App store opened, I did not see many apps on the store, mostly what I saw were games, the iOS devices have proven to be good gaming devices due to their portability and size. But personally, I wouldn't be playing on the iMac I'd rather use it for development and related things. My first purchased game from the Mac App store was Chopper 2, It was a mixed feeling. It's a well made game, and playing on the 27" screen is an amazing experience but as I mentioned earlier, I'd personally rather use it for development alone.

your thoughts on this??