Hot or cold, either ways it is Ice cream

As a child I knew that Ice cream was frozen and that was that. In the days when there were no refrigerators, it was frozen in container placed in an earthen pot stuffed with salt and ice. These days, you can have your Ice cream deep fried. WHAT?? This is old news, but still Deep Fried Ice cream??

Google has been providing us with an assortment of desserts, we had the eclairs, donuts, Froyo, and now Ice cream (2.4). In a previous review, we have covered Google demonstrating Honeycomb at CES. There is not much information about this system out there, however the only thing that is not in favour of Google, the releases are too fast. Even before our devices were updated to 2.2 Gingerbread was announced and even before we could see the gingerbread man, Ice-cream. Now because Honeycomb is going to be optimised (read as specific to) for tablets, smartphones will not get honeycomb (3.0) so there will be Ice cream.

My only qualm with Goolge Android is that they are what Microsoft was in the 90's, they tried to support each and every hardware (which was a good idea) but caused a disparate experience. No two users could agree on the experience unless they had the same hardware. Google is pushing out the updates faster than the Telcos are adopting them, and many users would not just jump to upgrade their systems, specially since many wait and watch, read forums, blogs to see if any body else had any issues with the new systems.

When there will be more details released, you will definitely hear of it here and nearly on every other tech site too.

Note: For those that are confused with so many versions of Android and so many code names, here's a list for easy reference
1.5 Cupcake (2.6.27) API Level 3
1.6 Donut (2.6.29) API Level 4
2.0/1 Eclair (2.6.29) API Level 7
2.2 Froyo (2.6.32) API Level 8
2.3 Gingerbread ( API Level 9
2.4 Ice cream (unknown) (unknown)
3.0 Honeycomb (unknown) (unknown)


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