Hack and Crack

One of the best nicknames given to the Mac App Store is Buy once install everywhere. If you enter you MacApp store id, you could download the purchase on every mac you own and/or on every friends macs that you know (bar the legality of such an action).

Similarly I got an email from MacHeist that the new Twitter app has some secret stuff. If you enter your NanoBundle2 key for Tweetie, this is enabled. I tried it out and posted a screenshot of the new menu, however if you had not purchased the software and would want to enable this, there is a small hack

From tuaw.com

UPDATE: Kudos to Zach who figured out how to enable this. (See his comment below.) To enter these, launch /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and paste each of these lines in. I tested it on one Mac where I hadn't entered my MacHeist information, and it appeared to work:

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac ScrollingMakesKeyAndOrdersFront -bool true

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac UserTimelineDerepeater -bool true

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac TypeAnywhereToTweet -bool true

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac HideInBackground -bool true

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac ESCClosesComposeWindow -bool true

defaults write com.twitter.twitter-mac NormalComposeWindowLevel -bool false

Lastly, if you download some games from online sites that have hosted the dmg off the MacApp store, and you copy certain files from the twitter.app bundle replacing the files in these games, you can activate them for use on your devices.

As a developer, I condone this behaviour as I know what it is to feel about lost sales, but some corporations not Indie developers can afford the dents in their income. So if you search on pastebin, you can get the details (that's all I can say)