The Angry get Angrier

It was indeed a surprise to hear about Angry Birds toppled off it's perch at the #1 spot to be beaten by Bubble Ball. With nearly 1.5m downloads, it is going crazy with downloads. It is not any sort of good and happy news for Angry Birds. However the good thing for them is that their revenue stream is unaffected. Bubble Ball is a Free game and hence the number of downloads has just made the author famous but is not getting him much in terms of revenues.

It is also interesting to note that Robert Nay of Nay Games that made Bubble Ball made it using Corona SDK (Review coming next month in our Mobile/Game development special theme). The most interesting part of this news is that Robert Nay is a 14 year old in grade 8.

We are attempting to get in touch with Robert and have a short interview with him.

If you want to check out what Bubble Ball is all about, you can download it from the following links
Australian iTunes Store
US iTunes Store

You can also read up on Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile at