Android 3.0 - Honeycomb

From the teaser video released at CES, Android 3.0 codename Honeycomb is the latest release of Android optimised for Tablets. What were the earlier versions of Android Optimised for, Desktops?? The interface looks slick and futuristic with a lot of pseudo 3D and jazzy UI. When you look at them closely, you can see that the new GMail interface is *inspired* from Twitter for iPad, the Video Calling HUD is very much *Apple Quicktime* inspired. The Maps look amazing where they can break out and show in 3D. The only problem with Android, there is no hardware standardisation.

The Market place is a bit confusing, I have put up two apps and they just do not show up. coming back to Honeycomb, there will be a lot many updates and releases from manufacturers, NOOK from Barnes and Noble seems to be a likely contender according to Carlos from Ansca Mobile, it runs Android and is a tablet sized device. Microsoft is now trying to amalgamate their Windows Operating System with the Windows Phone System specially for ARM based devices, Playbook from RIM is another contender to be seen and of course the iPad2. I hope that Google get the idea and try to focus on certain technologies rather than spread out too thin with its own competing technologies. They want to present the Chrome OS and then they also want the Android 3.0 for Tablets, unification would mean developer support and business models.