The sole purpose of this site is to review. Review any and everything for you, the readers. We do not try to create a niche on just Hardware, Software or Books, we would like to go across every product. Initially, we are technology focused and at this point of time more so trying to review products from developers that have put their products on the Mac App store.

Our review policies are very simple, we do not try to create ratings for a product. We do not believe that any product is bad. However some apps that we find are easy to use and are amazing, we place into or Essential List. This is our equivalent of ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 star) if you may, an entry in this is not permanent. and can change with a new app.

We could be raving about a product one week and the next week some other product could be the subject of our rave and both of them could be in the same genre. We are trying to bring to the readers, some details about the product that they would like to know before spending on it.

We do not charge anything to the developers/manufacturers/publishers and hence we are not liable to sweet talk on their behalf. Our reviews are not paid advertisements. We try to provide you with a down to earth review. (Screencast and videos to come soon) Given the number of iOS app requests, we have decided that there needs to be a small charge to feature the iOS app reviews, these will be marked distinctly to differentiate as a paid review as against a free review.

Our reviews are the personal opinions of the reviewer and sometimes it might not be what you might think. Some like peanuts, some are allergic to peanuts, now are peanuts bad? Similarly, if you have a different opinion than that of our reviewer, please feel free to use the comments functionality to provide your inputs. Please keep the comments civilised and clean (in terms of language). After all we are discussing our point of views and there could be certain disagreements, it's basic Human nature.

If you want a particular product reviewed, let us know we will try to get in touch with the manufacturer/developer/publisher and try to review it.

If you are are a manufacturer/publisher/developer and want your product reviewed, please send us a copy of your product and we shall review it.

To make it worth the time and effort spend by the readers, we intent to also (if possible) give away a copy of the same to one lucky winner that follows us and retweets.

If you want to review things for us, please send us a copy of your writing style and a paragraph on why would you want to write for us. We are looking for honesty and transparency which are the founding qualities of the site.

Following a few discussions, We feel that our policy should be stated very clearly.

1. We shall not review any trial software, unless we get a full functional copy of the software, we shall not consider it for review
2. We cannot commit a date to you on when we shall publish a review, please keep in mind that most of the slots are booked for the next month, so keep about 4-6 weeks as the earliest that your review can be published.
3. If your game/app is free people can access it anyways, it kind of defeats the purpose of what we are trying to do, we try to bring to you the apps that are *not* free so that you can get our point of view and also have the chance to win a free copy of that software. However if you still want it to be reviewed, we have a small fee for that service.
4. We have reviewed a few games but please if you have a game made in Game Salad, We shall not be able to review that. We are developers, if you use Objective-C, Cocoa-2D or CoronaSDK and develop, it is a challenge to see how you have challenged the limits of the software. With GameSalad, there is hardly that challenge. Even if your game has the most wonderful graphics, as a developer, we do not have anything that might excite us.However said, if you want to feature a paid review, we can discuss terms
5. To be fair, there are certain software that we might decline to review and shall definitely let the author/developer know about our decision.
6. We do *NOT* charge for our reviews. However we offer a Paid review section too
7. We *do* charge for our Advertisement slots and you can always book one or more.

We also have some recommendations
1. If you have two versions of an app, a Standard and a Pro, many organisations prefer to send a License for the Pro version as that allows us to have a look at all the features of the application.
2. For those that have a Help Desk, we try to approach to see how helpful the Help Desk is, however, if we get a response. "We have XYZ as clients and they have never complained about this" that is *not* good customer service at least not in our books. That just goes to say that you are not catering for all types of users and not very user friendly.